• Take the A Train2:22
  • Ode to Billy Joe1:53
  • Emily1:56
  • Blue Bossa1:53
  • Autumn Leaves2:47

The "C" Notes

The "C" Notes are a great way to enhance the mood of your event with an elegant, easy style of jazz.  This group can go from a duo (piano and acoustic bass) to a standard trio (piano, bass and drums) and can also be augmented (with a saxophone, guitar, female vocalist) -- whatever you need.

The group is excellent for dinner clubs, weddings (during dinner, before a DJ), parties, corporate events, etc.

If you are looking of a classy, small group that will provide soft (but listenable) background jazz for your occasion, The "C" Notes are it!

For booking information, contact Mark LoDuca Sr. at 313-505-4949 or jazzandbluesbeat@gmail.com

  • An Evening in Charleston0:34
  • Bopn' at your place0:49
  • Conflictionology0:39
  • Hipness Quantified0:38
  • Hot Sauce0:39
  • A Melody for Melody0:39
  • Ode to a Gentle Storm0:39
  • Oh Susanna0:38
  • Run to You0:41
  • Sphere I0:46
  • Sphere II0:30
  • Thirty Nine and Holding0:37
  • Waltz for Aimee0:36

Pianist, Hammond Organist, Vocalist, Composer, Producer